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Will Stone poet and translator of Stefan Zweig and winner of the International Glen Dimplex Award for Poetry reading from and signing his latest collection ‘The Sleepwalkers’.

Like its predecessors ‘Glaciation’ and ‘Drawing in Ash’, ‘The Sleepwalkers’ contains poems which conjure haunting visions of beauty and despair, joy and horror, revelation and nostalgia. From delicate insight to apocalyptic rage, the glory and savagery of human achievement and destruction is set against the majestic power and fragility of nature.

‘Will Stone is the sharp eyed beachcomber on the shore of our self destruction, read him before the tide comes in… ‘  Hugo Williams

‘Stone has a definite flair for the striking image… his jarring images of a profligate society trapped in a fatally debased environment are rawly compelling.’ Sarah Crown The Guardian

‘Like Baudelaire, Will Stone finds beauty in decay. His landscapes hum with mesmerising motionless interiority, his language hints at the consolation of pattern and though the mood of these poems is dark there are, as in that fir forest, shafts of light.’  Kate Bingham Poetry Review.